about me

hiii im bloodfeatherz! im using this site for a lot of random things.
my life kind of revolves around cats and art. pretty much everything i do/like is related to one or both of those things (warriors, character creation, furry fandom...). other main interests are miyazaki movies (ESPECIALLY nausicaƤ), my chemical romance, cooking/baking, and minecraft.
im gay, aromantic, and a trans man!

about me (cat version)

im a cat therian! specifically maine coon. just a standard brown tabby, i picked the eye color for art because i like that shade of yellow.
if i had any specific memories i have forgotten them again lol. but i associate my identity with lakes and rivers!

stuff i like

afformentioned intrest in cats is even more specifically an interest in cat behavior and fur genetics. fun fact: "brown tabby" is not the correct term for the most common brown looking tabbies you see. the color label refers to the stripe color, so "brown" tabbies are actually genetically black. tabbies are basically the true color in the stripes, and a less pgmented version everywhere else. since "black" is actually very dark brown, it gets lightened to a regular brown coat with black stripes. actual chocolate tabbies are tan with brown stripes!
i, uh. really like cat fur patterns.

my most recent phase of MCR love started when they got back together. i think i liked them as much as the next guy before then but i dont actually remember. i know i got the revenge cd for christmas in 2017 so i loved them enough to ask for that? anyways, i have fallen completely in love with MCR now. im obsessed with the music for one thing, and the weird random lore of the band itself, but im also super into the danger days universe now too. ive written quite a bit of fanfic/ideas for it. ive become incredibly attached to gerard way for trans and mentally ill reasons. i really look up to them when it comes to those topics.
i also got into thursday through MCR, which is great! thursday is so awesome.

i fucking love minecraft. its hard for me to get super into most video games, i usually lose interest pretty quickly. there's only a few games i truly love and one of them is minecraft. i think a big part of it is that its a sandbox game with a lot of ways to play it. i usually end up just exploring everywhere. i like building (though i am not good at it) and taming every goddamn animal in sight. i almost exclusively play singleplayer, but there was a period of time where my brother and his boyfriend and i were able to play together! we arent able to do it right now and i miss it a lot. im not sure if we'll be able to get the world back :(
i also love minecraft youtube so much. i never got into it as a kid, but i started following grian in 2018, and then he joined hermitcraft, and it was all over from there. i love hermitcraft and i highly recommend it. hermits i watch most often are: grian, mumbo jumbo, goodtimeswithscar, ethoslab, docm77, pearlescentmoon, bdoubleo100, and tangotek!
i have a lot of second-degree contact with dream smp but i largely dont care about it. i have several friends and mutuals that are into it so im exposed to it often lol. i was a huge soothouse fan in high school so i already desire wilbur carnally which is only made worse by his batshit insane roleplay character. i like ranboo as a person a lot and wish them the best in their gender and sexuality adventures lol. and tommy... is my parasocial little brother. he's the same age as my actual brother so i feel massively affectionate and protective towards him.
my intention for mentioning dream smp was to transition into ORPHAN'S PATH. It's a dsmp fanfiction focused on phil and techno and i adore it. i got into it before i had nearly as much exposure to dsmp as i do now and just fell in love with it. i was already following the main author and LOVED their worldbuilding, and it is just as amazing in this fic as it is in their other work. orphan's path begins 4000 years pre-canon and you really dont need ANY context to start reading it. any information you really need is in there already. its about gods and queerplatonics and family and never giving up on life and can you tell i love it.