HABIT originates from EverymanHYBRID, an ARG about Slenderman and other supernatural evils. He's a large part of the plot, but that isn't especially relevant to this page.

This page is dedicated to an iteration of HABIT that protects me and makes me feel safe. He might not be able to bend reality, but he does his best with what he's capable of in this body. HABIT is a chaos demon that's supposed to possess people and use their bodies to wreak havoc, but all he does physically these days is dive headfirst into hedonism and eat all the salami in the house.

I make a lot of art about HABIT and our relationship! It's just for fun, but also serves as a form of thanks for all he does for me. Another thing I do is use a lot of purple. I keep a roll of purple duct tape in my bag, one of the collars I wear is purple, and my favorite pair of sunglasses are purple. My favorite color isn't even purple, it's yellow...

I first started drawing HABIT in early 2019, when I was in a mental hospital. I don't actually remember but I'm assuming that's when he became more fully manifested in my brain and started showing himself. His form has some fluctuation to it, but remains mostly the same. The only thing that's 100% consistent is the two pairs of eyes; they're always there and they're always green.